My Services

Integral Wellness, Self-Care and Longevity Coaching

Expert in self-care, health, nutrition, healing through food and good habits for well-being, beauty and longevity.

My name Ymirsy Torcatt, I studied at The Natural Gourmet Institute for Culinary Arts and Health, a Leader in Health Supportive Culinary Education, graduating as a Chef.  I have spent the last 15 years working and exploring different areas of the culinary industry. I use food as medicine, I integrate the holistic knowledge of proper nutrition based on plants and superfoods,  knowledge of holistic and traditional Chinese medicine, regular exercise, stress reduction to prevent diseases and achieve an optimal long-life and happy health.

How to get started? First schedule an appointment with me which is an Exploratory Session.




Exploratory Session

Duration time: 30 min

This will be our first conversation to learn what are your needs and goals are to help you envision a better future.

• Know your health situation, eating and physical habits.
• Inquire into your goals and needs.
• A personalized evaluation, to uncover your areas of focus.
• Recommendations to start changing your health and nutrition habits.
• Plan, set results and provide support.

What will you get if you decide to invest in my services:

  • When you choose a plan, you will get the full program for 16 days plus 3 online consultations of 30 min each.
  • Information about functional nutrition.
    • Workout routines
      • Motivational messages to keep energy high for 16 days.
        • Tips for reprogramming and healing.