Pasta  TAPENADE without GLUTEN

TAPENADE, It’s a recipe originally from France. It is a mixture of crushed olives rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals that cause aging. They contain vitamin E and A.


½ cup green mix olive

1 cup kalamata olive

2 tablespoons of olive

3-4 strings parsley

1/3 green pepper

2 Artichoke heart optional


In a food processor mix all the ingredients, with the pulse option, scraping around to combine well everything. Serve with crackers as a dip, in a gluten free toast or pasta, also to marinade protein.

Enjoy this DELICIOUS and super NUTRITIOUS recipe.

Preserve your VITAL ENERGY to live well, be healthy and productive.

Goji Berry Jam with Agar Agar or kanten.

Goji Berry Jam with Agar Agar or kanten.

Enjoy it with pancakes, on gluten-free toast, with yogurt, oatmeal o with crackers as a snack. Its a very nutritious and versatile recipe. Gojis are an alkaline food, rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and antioxidants. They call it the Fountain of Youth in...

Rajas with Cream  Ymi “Healthy” style.

A typical Mexican dish,  just a few ingredients, multiuse, delicious and natural. Rajas con crema are made with cow milk or cream cheese. But I modify the recipes and I do not use dairy products for health and well-being. Ingredients: 6 Roasted Chiles Poblano 3...

Vegetables Ratatouille

Vegetables Ratatouille

Indulge yourself with this Ratatouille idea, a vibrant and flavorful dish packed with fresh veggies and herbs, it's healthy, delicious, and nutritional. Veggies: 2 big zucchini 2 big yellow squash 8 small potatoes Sauce: 2 cloves of garlic ½ small medium onion Fresh...