Restaurant Lover

I am a foodie, food lover, gastronome · gourmand · gourmet – connoisseur woman.
Eating good food gives me pleasure.  I understand the details, technique, textures, flavors, and the feeling that food produces.

As a Chef I have had the opportunity of appreciating this fascinating food world.
I have explored restaurants around the world, from New York to Dubai- to Puerto Rico to Croatia- to Paris to Greece- to Venezuela to Italy and more.
Before I go to restaurants, I do research, I invest time and read the menus. I look for variety. Check pictures to see the presentation of the dishes. I read about the environment at the restaurant, the chefs, drinks and reviews. Hygiene too.  

I am a particular eater; I like specific ingredients and flavors, but I am open to try new things.

I always look for healthy options in the menu, it’s important for me as part of my habits.
First I look for greens or raw food.

I check the ingredients in the salads, I avoid heavy creamy dressings, fried tortillas and cow cheese.

I look at the portion size and if there are gluten free options.

As a Chef I look for dishes or ingredients that I don’t cook normally at home. So, I can enjoy them once in a while.

Some of my favorite flavors are truffles, artichokes, Brussel sprouts, avocado, plantain, oysters, dark chocolate, mushrooms, figs, carob, lamb, dates, nuts, fish, coconut, butternut squash, pomegranate, beets, eggplants, goat cheese.

Favorite types of cuisine: French, Italian, Venezuelan, Greek, Lebanese, Japanese, Croatian, TelAvivian Caribbean and Mexican.  
Some of my favorite Restaurants in New York:

19 Cleveland
Fulgurances, Laundromat
Excuse my French

Mesiba Brooklyn

Le Crocodile
Casa Enrrique
Mission ceviche
Le Pavillon

If you are a food lover like me and live in New York or will visit New York please contact me and so I can share the best restaurants.