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Flexitarian with sustainable ingredients

What is Flexitarian?

Flexitarian is a combination of flexible and vegetarian. The idea is increasing the consumption of more plants and reduce the consumption of meat and animal products. This type of lifestyle is perfect for people that want to start to change their way of eating and improve their health. 

The Flexitarian Class provides a great way to start to create healthy habits in the kitchen.  You will develop new abilities and explore your creativity with whole, plant based and some sustainable animal products.  While avoiding refined and processed products, refined sugars, and sweets as well as frozen foods with preservatives and additives. 

The class will focus on:

  • Counting the benefits of the ingredients for your body, not calories.
  • Enhance the knowledge of plant-based and gluten free ingredients.
  • Basic techniques and cooking methods.
  • Learn the versatility of the ingredients to create different recipes.
  • Provide a collection of tasty and easy recipes.
  • Learn quality plant-based dishes that will give you energy. 
  • Non animal Protein alternatives.
  • You will try different flavors, textures, whole, fresh, organic and delicious dishes that will provide to your body vital energy. 
  • Healing tricks and tips through food. 
  • Enhances your knowledge of basic nutrition like micro and macro nutrients.


More to know about the class.

  • This class is available in person in NY. 
  • You will interact in the class.
  • You can bring your own wine.
  • Everyone in the class will have the opportunity to eat and enjoy all the dishes. 
  • The class is 5 hours.
  • Ingredients, equipment, tools and aprons will be provided (Except for online classes)



  • Chickpeas recipes including Mediterranean hummus and more. 
  • Zucchini ratatouille style.
  • Beet and walnut dip.
  • Tofu- artichoke  goat cheese spread
  • Vegetarian filling for arepas, wraps or as a side.  
  • Mineral broth
  • Carrot spice soup
  • Arugula quinoa salad with roasted butternut squash in the air fryer 
  • Easy Marinara sauce 
  • Vegetarian, vegan & gluten free lasagna 
  • Gluten free dessert 



Online classes need to be requested for more than 7 people


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Safety & Health Protocol

My priority is the safety and wellbeing of my clients, my team and everyone involved in the events and classes.

  •       I am fully vaccinated + have had a booster.
  •       All participants should be vaccinated and require to present a negative covid test 48 hours before the event or class.
  •       The staff is fully vaccinated too.
  •       I require the staff to wear a mask.
  •       We will follow strict handwashing protocols.
  •       Surfaces will be disinfected before, during and after. 


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