my service

Personal Chef

My services as a Personal Chef allow you to choose from a variety of plans, whether you are needing to improve your individual health and wellness, a romantic dinner for two, a large family or even feed a group of your friends in a cocktail party, brunch or dinner party.

My meals plans are customized, if you are looking for:

  • Maximize health benefits to support a strong mind and body through  delicious, nutritious and satisfying meals in the comfort, convenience and safety of your own kitchen or I can delivery to your home if you are in NY area.
    • As a supportive certified Chef also, I provide healing and nourishing cuisine before and after surgery, postpartum, recover, eat to beat cancer, Gluten free-Celiac, weight loss.
      • Plant- based Nutrition.


        Sample Menu

        Every menu is personalized and unique. It can be plant based, completely vegan, or with sustainable, clean, organic proteins like fish or poultry. Below are menus that can inspire you to be part of this pleasant experience.

        My personal chef service include:

        20 min Free consulting with you to determine food preferences, dislike and customize our services.

        “Food Preference Interview”

        Planning and design menu specific to your palate.

        Shop if you desire it.

        Prepare, package, label the food and clean up. 

        Food cost will be determined base in your menu selections. Detailed invoice will be provided.

        A bit about what is in my mind to be Absolute Beauty

        I am always striving to create individualized dinning experience for my clients. Constantly changing and evolving, traveling and learning to be inspired in my kitchen combining my Latin-Venezuela- European Roots and my Chef training. My cuisine is a fusion of flavors, creativity, knowledge and culture.

        My philosophy for daily living and in the kitchen is to incorporate as many tasty, whole unprocessed, fresh, local, nourishing, healing, organic and quality ingredients into our meals as possible.

        I truly believe that eating plant based food energize, rejuvenate, nourish and its delicious, satisfy and pleasant to our palate plus enhance our health and wellness.

        I cook from scratch, sauces, salad dressing and marinades enhances flavors with fresh herbs and spices. I avoid preservatives and GMO food.

        Safety & Health Protocol

        My priority is the safety and wellbeing of my clients, my team and everyone involved in the events and classes.

        • I am fully vaccinated. Beside that I will provide a PCR test 48 hours before the events or class.

        • The staff is fully vaccinated too.

        • I required the staff to wear a mask.

        • The exception for not wearing a mask will be if you show a negative PCR test 48 hours before of the event or class plus a vaccination card. 

        • We follow strict handwashing guideline.

        • Surfaces will be disinfected before, during and after.