Do you know the relationship of Vital energy with food?

 Energy is the fuel that the human body needs to live and be productive. All the processes that take place in cells and tissues produce and require energy to function.

We extract energy from the food we eat. Food even influences our way of thinking. Therefore, we must nourish ourselves well for good physical and mental development.

Food reveals our connection to the Earth. Each bite contains the life of the sun and the earth.

When we are full of vital energy, we feel good, we look good, and we feel vibrant, resilient, and aware.

Become aware of how you nourish yourself, what is good for you and what is hurting you. It is a deep job but with great benefits not only physically but internally. It is a way of self-love.

When you go to eat think about:

 “Eating for the mind and for the body.”

“No more abuse of yourself.”

“What goes through our heads also depends on our food plate.”

When you have Vital Energy:

1. People with vital energy learn faster.

2. With vital energy you can give energy to others and to the world.

3. You have the ability to change and adapt.

4. You can make better decisions.

5. If there is no energy there are no changes, because the process of change requires a lot of vital energy.

6. If you do not have energy you cannot do, walk, undertake, etc.

 Practice the habit of maintaining your vital energy, share and verify the information !.