Beauty and health secrets from mother nature to your skin and body.

Remember, your skin is the biggest organ you have, treat it with respect.

As most of us know we have toxins everywhere, the environment is full of pollution and our body too has “internal pollution”. You can help to control this internal pollution by avoiding processed food, limiting excess fat, refined sugar, sodas, fake fats, artificial sweeteners, commercial meat treated with toxic preservatives, tobacco smoke, birth control pills – all of these contribute to your internal pollution.

Here are a few of tips that you can start doing as a daily routine for a beauty and healthy body inside out:

  • Keep yourself clean and eat good quality food – fresh, wholesome food, raw food, grains, and beans.
  •  If you do eat animal products reduce the amount and frequency of consumption and choose just organic and aim for traditionally raised.
  •  Another important aspect in having a healthy natural look is to understand the role that fatty acids play. There are two essentials fatty acids, linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid. Because the right fatty acids in proper balance promote healthy, young skin and hair, promote healthy blood, nerves, and arteries and much more.
  • Eat sea vegetables! They are good source of mineral and vitamins. Sea vegetables are unique among food sources, receiving their nourishment from seawater, not from the soil. This provides an excellent source of nutrients not found in land-based foods. And the best thing is that sea vegetables contain an amazing substance called alginic acid that binds with toxins in the body.
  • Enhance oxygen in your body by doing Regular exercises, yoga; keep your body moving! Also increase the consumption of magnesium, you can add it through plant based food like avocados, tofu, dark chocolate, kale, and legumes (beans, peas, lentils).
  • Drink pure Chlorophyll or eat green foods rich in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll helps to purify and rejuvenate the body as well as act as a natural anti-inflammatory.
  • Drink plenty of purified water.

Let’s talk now about beauty from inside out. I am listing a few of my favorite
tips that you will love…

  • Avoid commercial soaps, shampoos, body lotions, and various kinds of makeup, made with chemical solvents and synthetic additives. These are directly absorbed into the body through the skin and interfere with immunity.
  • Use whole, unrefined oils alternatives like pure almond oil. It has a natural aroma and makes your skin lustrous and soft. Another big skin secret is 100% organic raw Shea butter, it’s made from the nut of African Shea tree. It contains a rich amount of irremovable fatty acid. This fatty acid is crucial to rejuvenating and moisturizing the skin. Hemp seed oil is also great to add to your routine, it contains vitamin E, omega 3 and 6, also is anti-inflammatory and it’s natural antioxidant.
  • Splash Rose Water in your face. It has a beautiful scent and natural healing properties. It’s rich in vitamin C, A and antioxidants that help to get rid of tired skin and give you a glowing complexion. Rose is a natural astringent with anti-inflammatory qualities, as well as being excellent for hydrating and rejuvenating the skin.
  • Never go to bed with makeup, this ritual is crucial to maintain a clean pores. Your skin needs to breathe and if your pores stay clogged all night, bacteria will grow and caus breakouts, it also will cause your skin to look tired.
  • Use a good sunblock to avoid dark spots and protects your skin from damaging UV rays.
  • Hylaurunic Acid, its natures moisturizer. Apply topically, its like a cellular sponge, working to trap moisture in the dermal and epidermal (layers of the skin). When these cells lack the right supply of HA, they will lack moisture and elasticity. These deficiencies are what typically lead to the formation of wrinkles, sagging, lines, and roughness.

Antioxidants are like a Team, together they can perform better keeping your cell safe and healthy.