Hi, I’m Ymi!

A Holistic Chef

A specialist in nutrition and healing using natural foods. I help  coach people on their journey of wellness, health and Longevity. 

I build personalized gastronomic experiences for my clients through my services. I guide and educate through a transformation process to achieve a healthy and happy lifestyle.

My culinary skills are a fusion of flavors, creativity, knowledge, and culture. Gastronomic trends constantly change and evolve which inspires me to create innovative and traditional recipes with organic, raw, fresh, local, nutritious, curative, and quality ingredients providing my clients new culinary and wellness experiences.

I am a lover of good food and clean eating, also a lover of looking and feeling good. Thanks to my Venezuelan-European roots and my training as a Chef, I have developed a good palate to create dishes and I also have created self-care rituals that will delight you from the inside out.


My culinary training first started at a young age helping my family in the kitchen preparing meals. I was trained in classic Latin and European styles by the women I still consider the best teachers, my mother, grandmothers, aunt and grandfather. My mother had a
homemade cake business and I helped her when I was a teenager.

Later, I become a model and started working and traveling around the world. As a model your job is to look skinny and fabulous. The pressure to conform to societies views led me to develop health ailments and eventually eating disorders like bulimia. This chapter in my life made me decide to incorporate healthy and good habits to my routine. I became a woman with discipline and committed to myself to take care of my body and mind in the best way possible.

It was this moment that my passion for food began and my philosophy was refined and enhanced.

After many years of working as a model and traveling I ending up living in NYC where my culinary roots start calling me again but this time I was interesting in doing it professionally. I started working with some of the great chefs NYC has to offer in a various role and events.

As I became more involved in the New York Culinary scene I was determined to enhance and refine my skills, so I enrolled in the Natural Gourmet Institute’s Chef Training Program. This program combined my passion for good food and the gastronomic world with my interest in health and well-being. This education has been a blessing in my life. I have been able to help people to improve their health, nurturing bodies and helping to heal people.

My most important client was father who I helped survive and recover from prostate cancer through food.

My training and the experience gained working in the culinary industry the past 10 years has given me a unique skill working as a private Chef for families, couples, parties and events allowing me to create delicious meals that also provide the proper mix and balance of nutrients to maximize health support.