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Expert in self-care, health, nutrition, healing through food and good habits for well-being, beauty and longevity.

My body is a sacred place

Ymi’s Rituals

Welcome to Ymi’s Rituals, a guide to good habits for your body, mind and soul. I promote the creation and awareness of habits and self-care routines to achieve a balance in physical and mental health.

Implementing a daily personal care routines is a requirement to enjoy well-being and balance in our lives, especially when we are professionals, mothers, housewives, in general, a woman of the new era.

My mission is to inspire, guide, educate and accompany people to strengthen their vitality through rituals that have been proven for more than 20 years, since feeling good and looking good starts from the inside.

Nature is our greatest ally to obtain beauty, health and longevity. It is also your medicine and the magic ingredient to nourish, regenerate and rejuvenate.

I promote feeding the mind with positive, healthy and kind thoughts to keep energies high and a proactive attitude.

I will reveal my rituals and tips for nutrition, beauty, how to look young, fresh and feel safe in yourself.

Remember …

“We are what we eat, but also what we think.”



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